Classic Cadillac

I've been telling anyone who'll listen lately that I'd like to get into photograpghy and start photographing classic cars. Thankfully one of my friends was listening and mentioned that her father had a few classics and I'd be welcome to shoot them whenever.  Yeah! One car in particular came to mind as he is actually putting it up for auction soon. Apparently he's had it for years but it's time to part ways, so he thought it would be nice to have a photo of it for old times sake.

We went over to World Motorsports where it's being housed, rolled it out and got some great shots. I couldn't imagine parting with this baby as it's just gorgeous but maybe he's making room for something new. ;)

Thanks to Richar for letting me shoot his classic 1948 Cadillac Series 62 Convertible Coupe and thanks to Bo of World Motorsports for taking time out of his day to open the shop! In case you are interested in picking up this ride at auction, check out World Motorsports.



Christmas Came Early

I got a wonderful gift by way of email the other day and I'm sooo excited! I've had a holiday card for sale with for the past two years and while last year I sold a few, for some reason, this year it's really taken off. I get an email everytime I have a sale with Minted, telling me which design sold, where it was purchased and the quantity sold. Lately, for this one card, the quantities have been huge. At first I kept thinking to myself, "Who has that many friends?" But then I realized that corporations are using it for their holiday card.

So the other day, Minted contacted me to let me know that a large staffing agency had selected this card to be one of only four cards they are approving for their 800 branches to select from when sending out holiday cards to clients. I couldn't believe what I was reading! That's huge for me!! 

Art is extremely subjective so when I design or shoot, there is always a little doubt in the back of my mind that others will my like my style and approach as much as I do. Getting this news was a confirmation that at least one other liked it too. I'm over the moon.



Happy First Birthday Sweetie


I have to admit I've become a bit of a slacker mom when it comes to doing "things" for my second child. Does she have as many photos as the first? No. Does she get as much of my undivided time as my first? No. Did she get a big first birthday party like her brother did (actually it was more for me - a Mexican food and margarita theme - because I wanted to celebrate!)? No. But it was the "best low key, only got a cake and candle, only got presents from family and friends but not mommy and daddy, and celebrated with mommy, daddy, brother and grandma" birthday any little girl could ask for.

One thing is for certain...I love you boo bear more than you'll ever know.



Feel the Love

I just love nice people and/or when people do nice things.

As you all know, I participate in's design challenges and have been lucky enough to have had some designs selected for sale.  One of my designs, Family Tree, was selected for sale and apparently caught the eye of a longtime Minted client.

She actually contacted me directly saying that her first child, a little girl, would be turning one soon and she bought my Family Tree invitation for the party.  In addition, the little girl's grandfather wanted to build her a growth chart in the same shape of the tree featured in the design.  She was asking my permission if they could use the artwork (NICE #1 - someone being courteous and asking permission before using) for a template for the chart.

I explained to her that my design was now owned by Minted but that I'd check with them to see if we could help her out.  I emailed the staff at Minted and received an enthusiasticlly quick response of yes from none other than Minted's founder and CEO, Mariam Naficy.  Quick back story - I'd had the pleasure of meeting Mariam at the National Stationery Show a few years back when I started with Minted and she was such a down to earth, welcoming person.  From that point until now, she has always been interested in growing Minted in a positive way and especially in hearing what us designers feel/think about the company and design challenges (NICE #2 & #3, respectively - hearing back from a CEO directly with genuine interest in helping others and being a CEO that is interested in what everyone has to say).

Fast forward to make this blog post short - Mariam gave the client permission to use the design (in exchange for valuable client feedback about Minted) and the client in turn sent photos of the finished product to Mariam and me (NICE #4 - following up with a thank you).  See the finished result above.

This simple exchange between three people has renewed my faith that people are inherently good and that business can be done where everyone wins.  And best of all, a lucky little girl had the best first birthday party ever.





Funny how the world works. I design for's design challenges and was commenting on a fellow designers submission, which had a retro Vegas feel. I told her I lived in Vegas and love anything that is retro Vegas. She told me she lives here too. So we decided to meet and swap designer and mom stories. I told her I was branching into photography and she said she needed new head shots for her website. Next thing I know we are hitting Fremont Street and rockin' out some great photos of her! Had I not made that simple comment, I would have never have met her, nor had the opportunity to practice my photopgraphy skills on her.

Turns out, she's super sweet, nice and of course, pretty! Makes taking good pictures that much easier. :) I just hope she likes at least one of the photos I took. This one is my favorite. Thanks Wendy! You can check out her work on her site